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Maxx & Unicorn started out as kind of a lark. Founder Nathan Gryszowka found an old wallet from the 1940s at an antique shop and was taken by its simple, yet innovative design. The bi-fold wallet was origami-like, so he decided to try his hand at making a version, crafted from a single piece of leather. The result is a ruggedly handsome line of wallets that'll please people who prefer clean lines but also have a rustic side. This particular one is made from hard-wearing shell cordovan, handmade in Brooklyn and finished off with embossing from a vintage hot-stamping machine. After a few months of wear, it'll definitely be uniquely yours. And like all Maxx & Unicorn products, it's guaranteed for life.

    Cordovan is a leather made from the fibrous flat muscle (or shell) beneath the hide on the horse's rump. It gets its name from the city of Cordoba, Spain, where it was originally made.

Published on

October 4, 2012

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of Valet.





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