Since 1982, Randolph Engineering has been making specs for all branches of the Department of Defense, but they still continue to outfit weekend warriors and guys like Don Draper too.

Clip-On Shades

When Michael Bastian began collaborating with American optical company Randolph Engineering, the initial results were expected: utilitarian takes on surplus silhouettes like aviator shades. For this second go-round, these clip-on sunglasses came out of left field. A definite eye-opener in more ways than one, the tinted lenses don't flip-up, but clip right onto your own frames for a snug fit. Once indoors, it's a cinch to get them off. And if you want these smart looking tortoiseshell eyeglasses, you can buy them seperately. Made in the USA, the clip-ons also utilize Randolph Engineering's durable solder joints, and the lenses are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate. And they're a hell of a lot easier to tuck into pockets.

JD Clip-On, $85 at Randolph Engineering


Published on

August 30, 2012

Written by

of Valet.





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