Need Supply's

Camo Collaboration

Los Angeles-based brand Rogue Territory is a modern label that often looks to the old days of hardy manufacturing for inspiration. Making goods ranging from denim trousers to jacquard-print chambray shirts, their products combine rough-and-ready fabrics with an of-the-moment vibe. Today, RT's founder Karl Thoennessen is setting up shop at Need Supply Co. to debut their newest project with the Richmond shop. The collaboration consists of a 9 oz. canvas work shirt and pants, which have been dyed and then printed with a vintage Drake camouflage pattern—resulting in a brown and tan woodsy pattern that'll stand out in a sea of olive drab. Both pieces are sure to add a distinctive flair to any kit, but the jury's still out on whether wearing them at the same time should be called "The Richmond Tuxedo."

Meet the Maker

Karl Thoennessen of Rogue Territory
on 9/14 in Richmond, VA

Drake camo
Ar-G trouser
, $172

Drake camo
work shirt
, $165


Published on

September 14, 2012

Written by

of Valet.