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Modasuite, the Canadian brand of made-to-measure menswear, just launched a new concept called Frank & Oak. The brand is aimed towards younger guys—the kind of web-savvy shoppers that regularly buy online and are always looking for something new and interesting. The goal is to provide an edited selection of affordable, well-made pieces each month. We spoke with founder Ethan Song to find out a little more.

Wool patch pocket blazer, $50

There are two ways of buying: Signing up for a monthly pack or simply buying pieces individually, right?

Exactly. If you just want to buy a piece or two, once in a while, that's great. If you're really into our monthly collection and want a hassle-free experience, then the Hunt Club is designed for you. Its basically like getting a monthly fashion magazine with the actual products included to try on at home. Buy what you like and then the pieces you don't want, send them back to us for free.

Plaid shirt, $45

Cotton tie, $25

Let's talk about the quality, because at these prices, people must be skeptical.

Our products are currently made in Asia and Canada in some of the highest quality factories. They are great people and craftsmen with whom we've been working with for years. It's part of the reason why we're able to achieve such quality while keeping the price low. At the same, we're also proud of being vertically integrated where we've squeezed out all the middlemen and extra mark ups. For Frank & Oak, I am extremely design obsessed because I want every item to be absolutely stunning. We design and manage the entire production ourselves and source everything from end to end.

So each month brings new items ...
what might we be seeing next?

What's cool with our model is that each collection is highly influenced by the month in which it is released. I want to create pieces that are intricate and interesting but that are also relevant to the lives of real guys. For our launch issue, we created simple pieces that were easy to wear under a blazer and then transition towards spring. We'll be taking that transition further with lighter plaid shirts, slim oxfords, henleys and we have a few surprises on their way. It's going to be a fun summer.

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February 21, 2012

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