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Over Ear Headphones

It can often be hard to personalize your workspace. Whether you have an office or share a cube, it's sometimes difficult to zone in and focus on what needs to be done when you can hear the pitter-patter of keyboards, incessant whirring of printers and copiers or even the traffic outside. That's why we always have a good pair of office headphones on hand. Unlike the in-ear buds we prefer for the commute and the gym, we leave a pair of over ear headphones in the office for those times we need to put on some music and get in the zone. And bonus—though you didn't hear this from us—you can pretend to not hear that annoying co-worker with these things on.

Sonic Over Ear Headphones, $150, by Incase


Cables can get unruly, which is why we also use these multi-colored cable ties to keep things in check. (But in a pinch, zip ties do the trick.)

$4, by Belkin


Published on

February 17, 2012

Written by

of Valet.





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