The Over-The-Ear Headphones Spectrum

    According to this CNET article, in-ear headphones don't interact with the pinna, a part of the ear that acts as an acoustic filter, resulting in a less rich sound.

While in-ear headphones may be great for the gym, when it comes to actually enjoying an album, movie or anything else that requires close listening, a pair of over-the-ear headphones is a must. Besides the astounding difference in sound quality, they're also the kind of gear that makes a style statement when draped around the neck. In between long train commutes or flights, they can come in handy and can also add some color to a frequent traveler's kit. Definitely an indulgence, they also make an ideal gift—it's the sort of thing someone might want, but not actually buy for themselves. There are plenty of great sales going on right now, so why not treat them—or yourself—to a quality pair? Here are a few worth a listen:


UrbanEars Plattan, $60

Available in an array of fun colors, these feature a Zound plug that allows a friend to plug in and listen up.


Skullcandy Aviator, $150

A sleek offering from Skullcandy that provides great sound and a comfortable, pilot-inspired silhouette.


AIAIAI x Carhartt TMA-1, $275

The result of an unlikely collaboration with the workwear label, these have a surplus appeal and a nice matte grey finish.


Bang & Olufsen Form 2, $105

A perfect example of form and function, this lightweight pair is ideal for those with modern design tastes.


Beats by Dre Solo, $200 / $175

One of the lighter models in Dre's line of headsets, this also comes equipped with a microphone for phone calls.


Bose QuietComfort 3, $350

Want to shut the outside world out and focus? This noise-canceling pair is among the best.


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December 12, 2012

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