Designer George Blaisdell named the Zippo lighter after his own fascination with zippers.

1941 "Get Lit" lighter,

1937 "Perfect Fit" lighter,

Retro Zippos

It doesn't matter whether you smoke or not, the inherent manliness and practicality of a classic Zippo lighter can't be denied. The timeless accoutrements have certainly gained a modern relevance among fans of raw denim, who often place one in their jeans' fifth pocket, for a unique fade effect over time. So it's not that surprising that denim boutique Self Edge just put out these two reproduction lighters, based on archival Zippo designs from 1937 and 1941. The "Perfect Fit" lighters feature rounded edges for a better feel in your hand, and double slashes on two corners, an old-school design cue. We like the cheeky "Get Lit" lighter, which gave the case a more slimming effect and has a vintage-style four barrel hinge on the lid.


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April 30, 2012

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