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E-commerce is about convenience. The ease of shopping at anytime from anywhere, with a near unlimited supply of services, product, styles and sizes. Which is perhaps why guys are shopping online more and more these days. According to a recent iProspect survey, 70% of men regularly research and buy online, with most making multiple purchases from their computers, phones and tablets every month. The only downside? Having to constantly enter in the same billing information and shipping preferences every time you pull the trigger. Enter by Visa—a streamlined payment service that securely stores all that important info and allows you to checkout quickly and painlessly. No filling in zip codes or pulling out your credit card for the security code on the back. It's as simple and convenient as, well, online shopping.

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How It Works
Sign up for a account by entering your shipping preferences and one or more debit or credit cards (you can use any major credit card, not just Visa).
When you're shopping online and ready to checkout, click on the button at participating retailers.
You'll sign into your account, confirm which address and card you want to use and click "pay." And you're done.

What's more, your payment info is stored behind Visa's multiple layers of security. Meaning you don't need to share all your payment info with every online store.

$500 - $4,000
Average range of men's monthly online shopping expenditures.
    Two of the top four sites men visit each month?
The percentage of those who research online and then buy in store.

(Source: iProspect)


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December 4, 2012

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