The Case for
House Shoes

It happens to a lot of guys. A nighttime call from nature interrupts a restful slumber, and we groggily make our way to the bathroom, only to be jolted awake by the freezing tile or wood floor. And once you're done taking care of business, it can be hard to fall back asleep. That's just one of the ways a pair of house shoes can come in handy. Their one of those accoutrements that isn't absolutely necessary, but makes life a little more comfortable. Now it should be noted that we're definitely not advocating the cartoon character slipper, or sports-themed slip-ons that sit relegated to some closet corner, or the gross shower flip-flops that were a lifesaver in the college dorm. No, a grown man needs some proper slippers to match, whether you're a bachelor or a dad. That means keeping things sleek and simple: fabrics like leather or suede, and no back for easy access. Whether you have some cash to burn on a luxurious pair, or want a simple version that won't break the bank, here's a few options to consider keeping by your bedside.

Leather slippers,
$67 (with code: TREAT),
by L.B. Evans

Microsuede slippers, $9 by Izod

Backless leather
slippers, $148
by Brooks Brothers

Styling Tip
Relax in style with a comfortable T-shirt, a sharp pair of sweats and a robe.

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August 24, 2012

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