The Ivy League


GANT is hosting two in-store book signing events. Daniel Cappello will be at the GANT Rugger store in New York's Nolita neighborhood on May 3. Guests who spend $250 or more during the event will receive a signed copy of The Ivy League as a gift.

You can never have enough inspiration on your coffee table. That's why we took notice when we first heard about Quest fashion director Daniel Cappello's The Ivy League. This handsome hardcover volume gives another look into the lifestyle and storied sartorial climate of these prestigious campuses. It goes a little more in-depth than another well known primer, Take Ivy, and definitely feels more current. Learn about athletic rivalries and architectural traits that set each school apart, and any regular Valet. user is sure to appreciate the informative tidbits scattered throughout the book's pages.

The Ivy League,
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April 23, 2012

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