The Launch


After being open for a little less than a year, Brooklyn shop Joinery just launched its e-commerce. The sad part is, for many Williamsburg residents, that means this gem of a shop is no longer a best-kept secret and will no doubt gain even more fans. Owner Angela Silva gave the shop a rustic vibe, and loves the look of unfinished wood—a simple aesthetic that translates well to the e-commerce site's design. Also a plus? The infinite scrolling interface, melding the best part of Tumblr with a buy-it-now accessibility. In addition to selling locally-designed furniture, they stock a selection of clothes, accessories and housewares. Here's some of the stuff we're looking to pick up:

    Stop by the Joinery (263 South 1st St., Brooklyn, NY 11211) and find exclusives like Hill-Side ties made from Japanese kimonos.

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November 9, 2012

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