The Launch
This leather hunting coat is from the fall 1990 Polo Ralph Lauren collection.

RL Vintage

There's simply no denying the vintage appeal of Ralph Lauren. Beyond the rustic RRL line and the young, rugged look of Denim & Supply, the designer has always infused a vibe of yesteryear into his clothes. And anyone who's happened upon some old Ralph Lauren pieces on eBay (especially the sought-after collections of the '90s) will tell you there's certainly a competitive aftermarket for the stuff. And the brand's more popular employees, like street style hero Doug Bihlmaier, show that there's real value in mixing some vintage in with your everyday kit. Which is why Bihlmaier is the right man to head up the new Ralph Lauren Vintage.

The recently launched web shop features pieces assembled by a team of buyers and historians from some of the world's best flea markets and the label's own archives. And you can now take them home—for a price. Each piece is unique, and once it's sold out, it's gone for good. Currently, the oldest pieces for sale are some handcrafted cowboy boots from the late 1970s. What's especially cool is the "Bring It Back" program, which allows fans of the brand to vote on certain archival pieces to reproduce. The first product? A classic Polo Bear sweater—the same bear used in the early '90s which is now beloved by Polo enthusiasts, bloggers and rappers alike.You actually get to choose which patch will make it on the front of the reproduction.

I've always been drawn to old things: faded work shirts, weathered jean jackets, military uniforms, Navajo blankets ... and all kinds of vintage vehicles, from a dented pickup to a bold Bugatti.
- Ralph Lauren
First created by Ralph Lauren in 1989 for a portrait
in LIFE magazine.

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November 16, 2012

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