Vitalis Hair Tonic

With the recent return of old-school hairstyles, it's only natural to turn to equally classic grooming products. Besides combs, we also stand behind Vitalis Hair Tonic. For decades, it's been touted for its ability to give hair shine (and a little hold) without making it feel greasy. The only drawback is that the stuff smells decidedly old-timey. Not every guy is going to dig that barbershop scent, but we don't mind it. After a shower, apply a small amount of liquid into your hands and run through towel-dried hair, massaging the scalp for about a minute. It leaves your hair more manageable than ever. The best part? It's cheap and you can easily find it in just about every drugstore.

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Styling Tip

Want a little more hold in your hairdo while still staying grease-free? Follow up with an application of a water-based pomade.

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March 2, 2012

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of Valet.