Affordable Alternative


$110, at Dream Furniture

This square-shaped denim lounger also adds some texture to a room, and doubles as a comfortable chair when you need it. And it'll only set you back about a hundred bucks.

The Grown-Up Bean Bag

$900, at Cold Picnic

Oh Brooklyn, is there anything you can't come up with? Presenting the Cold Picnic leather beanbag chair. A far cry from the one you had in your youth, this one's handmade out of full-grain leather. And the color-blocking in the middle not only adds a cool accent, it reminds you where you should be targeting your tuchus. Filled with polystyrene beads, this luxurious piece of furniture is one part college-dorm, and one part swanky bachelor pad. It may not be practical, but you could certainly consider it a "statement piece" for the living room. To put things (somewhat) in perspective, it costs considerably less than post-modern furniture like an Eames Lounge chair, and adds a quirky—yet upscale—twist to any guy's domain.


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April 4, 2013

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