Magnetic Switch Covers

Sometimes we come across an item so clever it makes us wonder: how did it take us so long to find this? For most guys, the hardest part about getting ready in the morning is trying to remember where you left your keys. In a perfect world, they'd be stashed on a nice entry table, but sometimes you don't have the space (or the discipline). This ingenious product, the magnetic light switch cover, takes away the guesswork. You can even use it in other practical ways, like leaving a pen on there for when the delivery guy comes with your food and you need to sign your credit card forms, your dog's leash, a lighter or even a hammer and some nails when hanging art or fixing a light bulb. Powered by strong neodymium magnets, you don't have to risk losing USB data or demagnetizing security cards or credit cards either. The best part? It's still inconspicuous.

$30 / $15 at ThinkGeek


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February 21, 2013

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