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Styling Tip

Keep up the easygoing Italian sprezzatura with a simple knit tie, white denim and some loafers.

The Peak
of Summer

One of the things about men's style is that most guys feel the "rules" exist just so you know which ones you feel comfortable bending. Take for example, peak lapels. Long associated with formal wear, tuxedos and double-breasted jackets, the last place you'd expect to see them is on a lightweight, unstructured jacket. Lately, we've seen them popping up on blazers from both designer and mass brands, oftentimes paired with uber-casual patch pockets. Those circular paneled pockets started coming back in a big way as menswear labels began moving towards more relaxed looks, so seeing both characteristics on the same garment is a bit of a "go-to-hell" move. With the prevalence of the slim notch lapel in men's jackets these days, it's certainly a more advanced choice for the discerning guy looking for a lightweight jacket.


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June 17, 2013

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