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The Horsehair Brush


You don't always need to shine your shoes. Sometimes all they need is a little brush to look a whole lot better. A horsehair brush does wonders for basic maintenance and they're great for keeping at home or in the office. For pollen-heavy seasons like spring, debris in the air can easily stick to your kicks, and a quick brush can take all that away with ease. You can also use this for premium sneakers with uppers made from materials like leather or suede (your canvas ones can just be chucked in the washing machine). All in all, at less than $20, it's not a bad tool to have at your disposal.

Saphir brush, $17 at Need Supply Co.

    The first documented use of horsehair dates back to 9th century Switzerland. The blueprints for St. Gall Abbey were said to be woven out of the fabric.

(Source: Wikipedia)


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May 6, 2013

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of Valet.