Men sweat twice as much as women.
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No-Show Socks

Stance, $8

It might be easy to ditch the socks for breathable kicks like canvas plimsolls or boat shoes—but the jury's still out on doing the same thing with leather oxfords and more substantial sneakers. In the midst of summer's heat and humidity, going sockless loses its roguish charm and becomes something of an issue. Stance is a brand that's known to skaters and BMX riders for making awesome patterned socks that are made to withstand the rigors of the road, but even guys that can't ollie can appreciate these no-show socks. Cut low enough to hide under most shoe uppers, they stay on your feet without bunching up. Even after a day of walking many city blocks. The best part? They regulate heat in even the warmest of weather, and are definitely a great way to preserve the integrity of your favorite shoes and still be able to pull off that effortless "sans socks" look. How's that for a little summer sprezzatura?


Low Riders

Need really low socks for loafers? Vivarati makes some good ones that stay put thanks to silicon grips inside the heel.

$10, by Vivarati


Styling Tip

Another way to keep the dogs at bay? Consider a quality foot powder like this stuff from Cold Spring Apothecary.