Caf Latte set, $111
(Or purchase the press and milk foamer separately)

Titanium Coffee Kit

Founded in 1958 by mountaineer Yukio Yamai, Snow Peak is a Japanese camping product manufacturer that recently opened its doors stateside. Setting their sights on the Pacific Northwest, their new Portland flagship is the ideal spot to embrace the great outdoors and forward-thinking design. And when the store opened, so did an e-commerce site. While all of their wares—from collapsible tables to high-quality tents—are built to withstand nature's rigors, we were particularly attracted to their titanium tableware. Lightweight yet virtually indestructible, the plates and cups are cool, but this coffee set really blew our minds. The futuristic French press not only looks sharp, but it's easy to use and does the job well while retaining the coffee's heat. Whether you're an avid outdoorsman or just have an appreciation for design and a good cup of joe, we think this set of a press, milk foamer and carrying case really raises the bar for would-be baristas. Who would've thought that the ultimate French press is actually Japanese?

The entire set weighs just 13.3 ounces—less than an iPad.

Published on

July 23, 2013

Written by

of Valet.