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Mack Weldon

For Brian Berger, buying underwear was a hassle. The notion of going to the store, picking out a few pairs, and then bringing them home was inconvenient, not to mention, the fit can be an issue for guys who prefer a more tailored fit. That's why he started Mack Weldon with the idea that guys should be able to find a brand they like, and replenish their essentials as needed, delivered right to their door. Valet. talked with Brian about what sets their undergarments apart, and the unique fabric that gives them a comfortable fit and feel.

Mack Weldon is based on the name of an old brand, is that right?

Yeah, during our brand creation, we discovered Weldon, an early 20th century underwear/sleepwear brand. They stood for product innovation and highlighted the benefits of fabrics like cotton and wool in their marketing. It was really in line with our approach as a "product first" company—marketing ourselves in a unique and differentiated way. We were inspired by their innovation, took the name and gave it a modern twist by locking it up with Mack—which to us is edgy, irreverent, fun and of course, tech savvy.

Speaking of tech, tell us about the "Lenzing Modal fabric" that makes your stuff so comfortable.

Modal is a cellulose fiber made from beechwood pulp. It's totally natural and extremely soft, which makes it great for garments that are next to the skin. We also love that it has natural performance attributes—50% more absorbent than cotton, naturally anti-microbial and resistant to shrinkage.


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And how does the undershirt's longer length and "rotated seams" translate from form to function?

Both are great examples of the performance story ... Longer length keeps the shirts tucked in, ensuring a smooth and comfortable fit—no exposed skin or bunching. The rotated sleeve seam is a cool design feature, but also minimizes friction under the arm.

The tricky part about buying underwear is that once it's out of the package, it's yours. As an online-only company, how does Mack Weldon handle that?

We try to make the buying process as frictionless as possible. On the front end we do a good job at communicating fit through video and size charts. However, sometimes people fall in between and require trial and error. If a customer is not happy, we offer a full refund on the first pair, even if it's worn. In addition, we offer free returns on all unworn merchandise. Our return rates are really low and reorder rates are very high, so we like to think the strategy is working.


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January 17, 2013

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