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Finish off your rainy day kit with a lightweight trench coat and some seriously water-resistant pants.

The Umbrella Spectrum

Every grown man needs a good umbrella (or two). One to keep in the office or car just in case, and one small enough to fit in a coat pocket or bag when the forecast calls for rain. Granted, an umbrella with a larger diameter works well for those times you need to fit more than one person underneath—unless you just want an excuse to get closer to whomever you're sharing it with. While plenty of umbrellas run pretty cheap, we've found you get what you pay for. These will do an excellent job of dealing with not only a torrential downpour, but the harsh winds that often accompany rainstorms. In the precipitation-heavy month of April, you're gonna need some serious hardware. That's why we've rounded up some of our favorites, to help you find an umbrella that's right as rain.


Muji, $28

This lightweight umbrella folds two ways for maximum compactness and comes in a few plaid patterns.


Brooks Brothers, $65

Go plaid with a tattersall umbrella with Brooks Brothers' Golden Fleece logo engraved on the handle.


Davek, $149

Made from a 190-thread count fabric, a solid steel shaft and a guarantee it'll work for life.


Knirps, $55

Reinforced ribs, auto-close, ergonomic design and smart navy pinstripes combine for a compact, stylish umbrella.


Filson, $98

When you "might as well have the best," you can't go wrong with Filson's oil cloth umbrella.


London Undercover, $185

A beechwood shaft combines with an attractive camo pattern for one hell of a statement piece.


Published on

April 2, 2013

Written by

of Valet.