A Case for the Juicer

Guys often make the mistake of skipping breakfast, or at the very least, replacing the notion of a complete breakfast with something like a cup of coffee and a banana. As you've heard a thousand times, don't do that. But a juicer like this can save you time (and money). In the time it takes to brew a pot of coffee, you can easily throw some fruits and vegetables into a heavy-duty juicer and reap all the healthy benefits without having to go through all of the time and trouble chewing requires. This sturdy model, from Waring Pro, features a high-speed 400-watt motor and a practically stain-proof brushed steel housing. It's easy to operate and what's more, the strainer, lid and pulp collector are all dishwasher safe. And right now, it can be had for a little under 50 bucks. Considering the average price of a fresh-squeezed juice runs about five bucks these days, don't be surprised if this investment pays for itself in a week.

Waring Pro juicer, $100 / $48 at Amazon

Not into juice?

Here's a healthy green smoothie we tried recently that mixes spinach, coconut water, cucumbers, pineapple and OJ—courtesy of the hilariously profane blog Thug Kitchen.

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April 5, 2013

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