"You smell good" is an underrated compliment that I've gotten away with most of my life on a winning combination of natural odor and the same Old Spice deodorant I've been using since high school. But when a beautiful woman recommends me a grown-up scent like this, I listen. Santal 33 by Le Labo is the kind of fragrance befitting of guys who don't tend to stress over fragrances. Literally, it smells like a smokey wood motley punctuated by subtle florals and spices like cardamom. And figuratively? The stuff smells like the history of western masculinity distilled into an amber liquid. It's at once the tenderly rendered notes of a romantic serenade and the intoxicating exhaust off a motorcycle on a hot tarmac. As with all Le Labo items, Santal 33 is made to order in-house as a product of well-crafted chemistry. Plus the fragrance is unisex, so men and women alike can share this addictive sensation akin to the breath that populates the precious space between two heads on a pillow in the morning. You may even find yourself there after a single inhalation.