More than three times as many new bicycles are sold in the US each year than cars.

Source: Bureau of Transportation

Summer Bike Kit

Summer means getting outside and getting onto your bike. Whether you're a serious cyclist, a weekend warrior or just a guy who likes to pedal around town, there are a few essentials everyone needs. Why not invest in quality accessories like a convenient carrying handle, a lifesaving light and a portable air pump for mid-ride flats?



Knog's compact lock is easy to carry and the silicone coating protects your bike's finish. But it's the angular steel core (impervious to bolt cutters and hacksaws) that makes it worth the investment.

$99.95 / $51.95 by Knog


Air Pump

This portable hand pump is constructed from hard-wearing but lightweight aluminum and inflates tires to riding pressure with 30% fewer strokes.

$20 by Lezyne


Carrying Handle

The daily commute is fraught with obstacles like stairs and high curbs. Lifting your bike by the top tube can be awkward and cumbersome. But this hand crafted leather strap makes it easy and ergonomic.

$44 by Walnut



For the guy who doesn't want a basket or saddle bags, but still needs a place to stash his stuff. Brooks' handsome leather bag attaches easily under your seat.

From $78 by Brooks England


Multitasking Light

ORP's SmartHorn combines a bright 70-lumen USB-charging light with a dual-tone horn that goes from a friendly 76 decibels to a lifesaving 96 decibels—essential for any urban commuter.

$65 by ORP