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Consider this cozy outerwear part of your winter survival kit.

Burkman Bros., $150 / $112.50

If you don't want to go full shearling this winter, then consider the next best thing—a lightweight but utterly warm fleece pullover or jacket. They're as cozy and comfy as footie pajamas, but are socially acceptable for adults to wear in public. What's more, the style set has recently made the familiar nubby fleece their synthetic fiber of choice it seems, with such designers as Todd Snyder and Neighborhood getting in on Patagonia's game. Whether you go high or low, fleece's loving embrace always hits the spot this time of year.

Best Made Co., $168

Albam, $270

Penfield, $140

Todd Snyder, $198

J.Crew, $138 / $109.99

Columbia, $80

Neighborhood, $309

Patagonia, $199

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Shia Lebeouf, WWD's style director, Alex Badia and Mahershala Ali