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Let Your Beach Towel
Make a Statement

The Best Beach Towels for Men

Don't be the guy showing up with the ratty bath towel. You know, that worn-out one that's not even good enough for the privacy of your bathroom. Don't go out in public, lay it down and use it as a marker, "Yes, that's my stuff. This sorry-excuse-for-a-towel represents who I am." Okay, so maybe that's taking it a bit far—it's just a piece of terry cloth. But when you think about the thought you put into your swim suit, shouldn't your beach towel be just as attractive and functional? Look for a towel that's big enough for you to stretch out comfortably and it should also be as absorbent as it is cushy. To make it easy on you, we've picked 10 towels that are cool enough to pose on in your beach Instagrams.

10 of the Best

Pendleton Beach Towel

Pendleton, $50

The Beach People Beach Towel

The Beach People, $110

* The round shape is ideal for sharing and picnics

Turkish Towels Beach Towel

Turkish Towels, $35 / $29.98

* These a quick-drying and ultra soft,
plus stay free of sand, dirt and odors

Swims Beach Towel

Swims, $55

* Rubber corner hook for secure hanging and easy drying

Deck Towel Beach Towel

Deck Towel, $148

* These two-person linen towels are
more absorbent and faster drying than cotton

Slowtide x Banks Out There Beach Towel

Slowtide x Banks Out There, $39.95 / $19.98

* Features a Nick Lavecchia photo and middle hang loop

Soho House Beach Towel

Soho House, $75

Nautica Beach Towel

Nautica, $24.99

Outerknown Beach Towel

Outerknown, $68