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The Best Desk Toys

Anyone who grew up in the '80s and '90s probably remembers visiting a parent at work and stumbling upon someone's desk that had a Newton's cradle, those kinetic metal balls that would click back and forth. It was the quintessential executive desk toy—a distraction from the lull of long afternoons and boring conference calls. No offense to Sir Isaac Newton, but there are better toys for your desk these days. Here are just a few of our current favorites, from handsome wood blocks and an Inception-inspired top to a miniature arcade game.

ForeverSpin Stainless Steel Top

Stainless steel top, $38 by ForeverSpin

I just stare at my desk; but it looks like I'm working ... I'd say in a given week I probably only do about fifteen minutes of real, actual, work."

- Peter Gibbons, Office Space

Cool Material Oak Wood Puzzle

Oak wood puzzle, $34.95 / $27.26 by Cool Material

LEDeng Fidget Cube

Fidget cube, $9.99 by LEDeng

PlayableART Wooden Helicon

Wooden helicon, $59.95 by PlayableART

Areaware Cubebot Ninja

Cubebot ninja, $10.95 by Areaware

9Pig Magnetic Sand Hourglass

Magnetic sand hourglass, $18 by 9Pig

Basic Fun Mini Aracade Game

Mini arcade game, $14.75 by Basic Fun

eBoTrade Retro Flip Clock

Retro flip clock, $31.99 by eBoTrade

CritterCubeCreations Zen Blocks

Zen blocks, $38 at Etsy