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Menswear veteran and Valet's Editor at Large, Michael Macko, presents an insider's take on what's new and noteworthy in the world of style.


The Mast Brothers make "American Craft Chocolate from bean to bar" in the hipster artisanal epicenter that is Brooklyn. It not only tastes good, but comes wrapped in vintage papers—making a big impact for little money.

A Holiday Wishlist

People have always told me that I'm impossible to shop for. This has resulted in a lot of unusual gifts, like not one, but two pink dog snuggies last year. I've always been told that you should never give a gift that you would not want to receive yourself, so with that in mind, I've put together my holiday wish list. And all but one are under $100—which just goes to show that you don't have to spend a lot to find the perfect gift.




I have a bag full of black and brown gloves (literally) to go with all of my winter coats. What I don't have are these cool gloves with just enough pattern to set me apart from the crowd. The leather toggle cord adds a touch of wild west swagger.


6 for $19.50

These are the type of thing that most guys wouldn't think of buying for themselves. You get six of them to keep in rotation, allowing you to actually use them. Just think how impressed your date will be when you offer one up at the next sad movie and simply say, "Keep it."



Show them you have brains as well as brawn at the gym when burning off post-holiday calories and getting into shape for spring. Out of Print has done classic book tee shirts for a while, but I particularly like their new selection of sweatshirts.



I love to wrap things around my wrists—beads, friendship bracelets, cool rubber bands—and I love bracelets like this that you can wrap around in a bunch of different ways. Ransoun is French for ransom, but $68 is a small price to pay.



Monitaly is the clothing line from the people who make Yuketen shoes. I love the mix of a Japanese aesthetic and European quality on classic American apparel. This provides just enough punch of color to get me through those long winter days that are short on sun.

Gitman Vintage Flannel Bow Ties


I love the casualness of these Gitman double flannel bow ties. They work perfectly when you want to be low-key but still dressed up—a chambray shirt and busted up khakis for example, or an old oxford cloth shirt and jeans. Available at select Barneys locations.



When I see a classic done in new fabrications like a boat shoe in grey wool, it makes my heart beat faster. I want to wear these all winter long and at only $90, I can afford to let them get covered in salt stains.



Twig terrariums are little universes in a bottle. Using moss, miniature figures and recycled glassware, Michelle Inciarrano and Katy Maslow can create anything for you—from an idyllic pastoral scene to a graffiti artist tagging a wall. They also sell kits online if you prefer to DIY.



The hip Japanese brand describes itself as "the next vintage for the next era." Pricey? Yes. But when you think about all the work that went into making this bag look like it's been in the family for generations, you can understand the cost.








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