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The Vitals

January 29th


70 North 7th St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn


Range from approximately $25 for vintage Brooks Brothers shirts to $200 for early Ralph Lauren outerwear.

Bklyn Dry Goods

You know that feeling when you see something so simple and perfectly executed that you can't help but say "why didn't I think of that"? Well, that's how I felt when I recently stumbled upon Bklyn Dry Goods, a pop-up vintage store that owners Jahn Hall and Kurt Uhlendorf hope will renew people's interest in vintage clothing.

The two opened the shop last month, but they'd been thinking about the concept for a while after realizing there are two types of vintage stores. Those that were smartly merchandised but prohibitively expensive, or warehouses of dusty, moth eaten clothes where you may find a deal if you're willing to work for it. "And both of those options were intimidating to most people" says Hall. "Being a pop up, we don't have the expensive overhead," which means their goods—mostly American-made, heritage brands—can be sold at extremely fair prices.

The mix is eclectic. Think L. L. Bean sweatshirts and flannels, hand knit hats someone's granny made, a handful of designer labels, techie nylon outerwear and lots of Gap, "We are completely obsessed with Gap from the mid 90's!" Hall tells me as he reaches for one of the brand's old nylon anoraks, complete with mountain cord pulls.

Besides vintage, they have some new merchandise as well. Embroidered pins by Brooklyn artist Allene Laspina for $25 each (I bought two) and some bags by designer Adam Davidson and his line Aandd. And soon there will be monogrammed pins from Laspina and bags made from re-purposed military items such as tents, parachutes and laundry bags.

Want to check them out? They'll be at the artists & fleas market in Williamsburg, Brooklyn this weekend. They're confirming dates for February and will be posting them on their website, which will soon be selling their goods to the world outside of Brooklyn's borders.








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