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Spring/Summer 2011
Fashion Week

The Impromptu Interview: Antonio Azzuolo

Catching up with designers backstage for a post-show wrap up.

You were inspired by comic strips this season ... specially Tintin. Where did that come from?

I think it wasn't so much an inspiration really, the starting point was children's book characters and every season I like to explore a different archetype of a man. Last season it was the urban cowboy and this season he has a playful, youthful look. I love Tintin, I think he's chic and elegant and all the characters in the series have a certain allure and that came out as we were working through the whole collection.

You experimented with a lot of color-blocking in this collection, especially in the shorts and pants.

Yeah, I think that's in the vein of the children's book characters. You get this naive quality. And then I thought, why color-block symmetrically? Why not color-block asymmetrically? It's always a twist on conventions, I guess.

We also see a lot of sportswear in this collection, with outerwear like the varsity jacket, the nylon popover and some parkas.

Every season, we add to a man's wardrobe. We started off in the first season with a highly bespoke, tailored suit and blazer collection. The next season we did less suiting, more blazers, and we added knitwear. The season after that, we added outerwear, after that we started adding trenchcoats and other classic outerwear. This season we decided to go for the popovers, anoraks, hoodies and asked ourselves how does this fit in? How does this complete a man's wardrobe? It's spring, so we wanted some easier pieces and I really like them.







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