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Spring/Summer 2011
Fashion Week

The Impromptu Interview: Michael Bastian

Catching up with designers backstage for a post-show wrap up.

Over-dyed seersucker has to be one of the coolest things a guy can wear.

I love it. You never see that, really. You always see the normal pastel seersucker, so I was really excited to do it in black and olive. The whole thing tonight was "tough guys on the beach." And we worked hard to toughen up some of those signature spring pieces.

You've been a devotee of Randolph Engineering for a while, but now you've got your own co-branded sunglasses. How'd that come about?

Honestly, I believe that Randolphs are the best shades a guy can own. They're well-priced and they're technically perfect and the US Army uses them, so how can you go wrong? We didn't want to stray too much, so we just did the navigator shape but in some red, white and yellow enamels.

I love the humor and whimsy that you work into these really smart, tailored clothes.

Yeah, there's a lot of jokes or little surprises when you open a jacket.

Do you consciously put those in each season? Like the diver Cowichan sweater, for instance.

Oh man, that took us ages to get knit! For me, at this luxury level, I feel like the jokes have to be kind of internal. They've got to be between me and the guy that buys the clothes. So I try to put them on the inside or make them discreet. Like the sweater with the two nautical flags? Those were the one that signify M and B.







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