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Spring/Summer 2011
Fashion Week

The Impromptu Interview: Robert Geller

Catching up with designers backstage for a post-show wrap up.

Last season had an emphasis on the juxtaposition of the high and the low, which seemed to influence this collection as well, where else did you draw inspiration?

I think that the high and the low is something I always like to emphasize, but this collection was about late 60's Berlin. It was about the "wide awake youth," these young kids that had a cause and forgot everything that happened in the past—especially in Germany. They wanted to create their own future, and there's a real power in that. I was concentrating on that lifestyle, most of them were students so they have that laid-back feel, but there's a serious cause behind it as well.

We noticed a lot of red on the guys, and the bands tied around some of their arms and calves. Was that in reference to those students?

It was a little bit of a reference to that subculture, I always like to bring in things that look like your dad used to wear them, and kind of mess around with them. That was the thing about the styling. And, you know, it also just looks cool.

This collection is the first time I've used red. I usually just shy away from it, but I wanted to tackle it. I took red and I took it apart, and there's actually really beautiful parts of it. I love bordeauxs and pinks, and mixing them together is sort of beautiful, so that's my way of doing it. I don't like primary colors too much.

During Fashion's Night Out you were playing ping pong at Barney's and giving away limited-edition tees to those who bested you, any memorable matches?

I was playing with Sean from J Sabatino, we were playing really well and then these two guys from Paul Smith showed up. We were kicking their asses, and I think it was like 10-6, and usually we would end around there, but we got cocky and told them "Let's go to 15." And suddenly they started pulling point-after-point, and they beat us in the end. We were crushed.







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