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Tie Week

This week we're celebrating ties—the quintessential accessory in men's style—with five days of goods and tips revolving around your neck.

  • Traditionally, English regimental stripes ran diagonally from left to right. Brooks Brothers reversed it when they debuted their version.

Up Your Tie Game

There are all sorts of ways a tie can go wrong. We've seen them too wide and too skinny, sloppily tied and full of wrinkles from the last time they were worn. Here are a few things to keep in mind the next time you knot up.

The Right Width

Tie width is as cyclical as fashion itself. Right now, neckwear is skewing slim but correct tie width comes down to one thing: proportion. Your tie should correspond with your lapel's width as well as your body's shape. Lean guys can get away skinnier ties, while a gent in a tweed jacket with hardy lapels should tie on a substantially sized tie.

Remove Creases

Check the tag for the recommended temperature (cool setting for silk, medium for wool, while cotton can take higher heat).


Lay a soft, clean cloth on the ironing board and place the tie face down before folding the cloth over the tie.


Working in small sections, let the steam pass through the cloth and tie, while gently smoothing wrinkles.


Don't press too hard. You want to retain the tie's folded shape—not press it flat.

Knot Craftsmanship

Don't sweat the kind of knot to tie. It's the quality of your tie's knot that sets you apart. Once your tie is tied and adjusted for length, give the part of your tie running along the right side of your collar a little tug, tightening the knot. Finishing by giving the bottom of your knot a slight pinch and ensuring the tie has a dimple.


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