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511 Cords, $58 by Levi's

Straight leg jeans, $95
by Polo Ralph Lauren

Club Monaco, Fall 2011

Go Ahead ...

And Wear White

 As we embark on a three-day weekend to celebrate Labor Day in America, let's take some time to talk about breaking rules. After all, the holiday is seen as the unofficial end of summer—the last weekend to live it up before getting down to business. And because we've received a few questions on the matter, we're going to say right here and now that you needn't fret about wearing white after Monday. For decades, the post-Labor Day moratorium on white clothes was long considered a sacred rule by hard-line sartorialists. It stemmed from practical origins—wearing white in the warmer months was an easy way to stay cool. But it was also a look of leisure for the high society. So when Biff dry docked the boat for the winter, he packed away his white pants too. Blame global warming or the casualness of modern society, but today it's not really an issue. Sure, you probably don't want to break out the suede bucks or white linen jacket on a brisk October morning, but a pair of white jeans or cords will compliment fall fabrics nicely. Pair them with brown desert boots, a plaid shirt, a navy cardigan or even a tweed blazer. Fall's looking brighter already.

Vintage fit jeans, $98 by J.Crew









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