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Summer Survival Skills

Combatting Sweat Stains

With summer, comes sweat. And besides being messy and malodorous, perspiration can be seen as nervousness. These are not the attributes you want when you're sitting across from the boss or worse, a date. Here are few quick and easy ways to keep your pits dry.

  • To remove past sweat stains that have turned yellow, mix a solution of OxiClean and vinegar and soak garments overnight.
Prevent Them

Wear an undershirt. A grey v-neck won't show through light colored shirts as much as a traditional white one.


Apply an antiperspirant like Degree Adrenaline Series (which reacts to spikes in sweat-causing adrenaline) before you go to bed. The sweat ducts absorb the active ingredients so they won't wash off in the morning shower and the aluminum salts responsible for those yellow stains won't accumulate on shirts.


Heavy sweaters can use a product like Sweat Block once a week or talk with a dermatologist about Botox injections.


When even the best antiperspirants and undershirts fail, stick some cotton Garment Guards inside sleeves to block sweat.

Quick Fix

Head to the bathroom and take off your shirt. Blot the stain with a hand-sanitizing wipe. (The alcohol in the wipe will help dry the wet spot).


Place a paper towel on both the front and back of the wet spot and push together, blotting out any excess moisture.



Men, on average, start perspiring much more quickly than women.









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