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The White Blazer

You're probably not in the market for a white suit. What about a blazer? Double-breasted and unstructured with patch pockets, this linen jacket couldn't be any more of-the-moment. Wear it with a breezy plaid or chambray shirt, or for a more casual look, layered over a Breton stripe T-shirt.

Linen-cotton jacket, $199 at Rugby

A Pairing Cheat Sheet

What to wear with your white ...


  • Dark colored polo shirts
  • Light blue shirts with grey or navy blazers
  • Bold plaids or brightly colored shirts with khaki jackets


  • Jeans of any wash
  • Grey trousers
  • Chinos of any color

Chinos or Shorts

  • Breton strip sweaters
  • Neutral colored shirts with navy blazers
  • Dark, contrasting belts

Lace-up Shoes

  • Grey cotton chinos
  • Tanned ankles
  • Dark, contrasting striped socks
Summer Survival Skills

How to Pull Off White

White is sometimes a tricky color for guys to get comfortable wearing. It can feel too precious or fussy, but it's easier than you think. Crisp and cool, white's never more appropriate than in the scorching peak of summer. It reflects sunlight, minimizes heat and tends to make you look even tanner.

What about stains?
You're not a bride. Don't be bothered by a little grime on your jacket's cuff or the back pockets of your pants. On every white garment, a little dirt must fall. Should you encounter such summer party fouls as ketchup, grease or wine ... well, you should take care of those.








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