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Ludlow jacket, $328 and pants, $168 by J.Crew

Hang It Right

Your jacket may've come with a plastic hanger, but you should spring for a well-made wooden one. They have a substantial shape to the shoulder and arch forward slightly, which supports and maintains your jacket's shape. Keep pants wrinkle free with the "Savile Row fold," developed decades ago by London's best tailors. Grab the pants by the legs and fold one through the hanger until the hem reaches the crotch. Finish by folding the second leg similarly over the first.

Keep It Dry

Precipitation can wreak havoc on a jacket's lining. Your suit will likely end up saggy with puckered seams, and it's hard to get the original shape back after that. Bring protection if the forecast calls for rain.

60-Second Guide

Suit Maintenance

Treat your suit with love and respect and it will return the favor when the time comes to wear it. Herewith, everything you need to know to ensure your suit will last.

Brush It Off

Bristle brush,
$35 by Kent

A clothing brush will gently remove dirt and lint, extending the life of your suit and removing some of that dreaded shine that appears on well-worn areas. Lay your jacket or pants flat on a hard surface and brush from the top down. Make sure to attack areas like armpits and the top of pockets where lint, crumbs and grime often accumulate.

Spot Steam It

Before you put it on, check the jacket's elbows and the back of the pants for wrinkles and simply steam the areas with a handheld steamer. It's the ideal solution for keeping a suit looking fresh (and much more effective than hanging it near a hot shower).

Steam brush, $25 by Rowenta

    Dry Clean It Sparingly:
    Not only is it pricey, but the process can be brutal on the fabric. Once a season will likely suffice. Preserve the material by asking to have it "steam-pressed."








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