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Sharpen Your Look on the Fly

There are a handful of reasons why you might need to freshen up in a public restroom. Maybe you just got off a long flight and are headed straight to a meeting. Perhaps you braved a particularly rough public transit commute to a job interview or have a date after a long day at the office. In any case, here you are—in the men's room with just a few minutes to sharpen yourself up. But you're resourceful and thankfully, in the one place where everyone's doing their best to mind their own business. They other guys in there aren't interested in seeing what you're doing, so make the most of the limited resources at your disposal.



A Wrinkled Shirt

Solution: Wet your hands in the sink, then flick some water on the wrinkled areas. Hold the fabric under the hand dryer, pulling the fabric taut. Then, while the fabric is still warm, work the fabric with your hand to smooth any leftover wrinkles.



A Shiny/Oily Face

Solution: The best way to get rid of the grease on your face is to absorb it. Oddly, one of the best materials to soak up oil is one of those flimsy toilet seat covers. Most have a slick side and a matte side—you want to use the matte side, pressed against the face rather than dragged.



You've Got B.O.

Solution: Take three paper towels and put a small shot of soap on two, but only wet one of them. Head into a stall and scrub your armpits with the wet soapy towel. Dry them off with the dry towel, then wipe them with the soap-only towel. This kills the offending bacteria while leaving behind just enough scent to get you through the rest of the day.



Your Hair Is a Mess

Solution: If you have product in your hair, it can be revived with a little water. Not too much—you want to rework it, not wash it out. Wet your hands and then run them through the sides of your hair, smoothing any loose ends sticking out around your ears. Then lightly go over the top to tame any messy tufts.



You Spilled Something

Solution: When you've got a stain on your shirt or pants you've got two options. If you can remove the item of clothing, dampen the stained area with some warm water and a bit of soap, then rub the fabric into itself to agitate the offending stain. If taking off the item isn't an option, wet a paper towel, add a little soap and rub on the stain. Use another wet towel to "rinse" the area and blot with a dry towel. Whichever method you use, once you've worked out the stain dry the fabric under the hand dryer.

    Fake a Shoe Shine: With only a banana, you can get rid of scuffs and shine up your shoes in no time.








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