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What She Wants

Joanna Goddard is a New York-based writer and the tastemaker behind the stylish and charming blog "A Cup of Jo." We asked her what she'd like to be unwrapping this year and she surprised us with some quirky finds that are original and affordable. Here are Goddard's best bets for the cool, clever gal on your list.

  • Joanna writes a sex and relationship blog for Glamour called Smitten.
Always a
Safe Bet

"This stack of rings is just plain stunning! Don't you love their quirky elegance? Plus, I just got engaged, so I'm suddenly noticing rings wherever I go." Sterling silver and gold-plated rings, $400, at

Humor Helps

"Hell, yes, I'd love this New Museum mug. I'd use it as a pencil holder on my desk for a jolt of inspiration on sleepy afternoons." Mug by Ugo Rondinone, $13.50, at the New Museum Store.


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Something She
Could Use

"When I ride my bike across the bumpy Brooklyn Bridge, my bags threaten to jump right out of my basket. This net from Japan would be the perfect solution. And it comes in three colors!" $11, at Kiosk Kiosk.

Smart Girls
Like Books

"I want Malcolm Gladwell's new book because I loved "The Tipping Point" and "Blink." His writing is fascinating, intelligent and funny—like psychology text books written by your gossipy best friend." $28, at Amazon.


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