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You want to know what comes between me and my Calvin's? Nothing.
- Brooke Shields, 1981

A new meaning for

Reinforced Denim

From Wonder Bras and Spanx to a host of body-enhancing, butt-reducing garments, women's clothes have become veritable feats of engineering in the last decade. Men's clothes, for better or worse, have remained rooted in the past. Until now. Calvin Klein just introduced the Body jean, designed to make you look leaner and longer. Contoured side seams, slightly angled pockets and an in-versed back yolk make your ass appear toned by alleviating the saggy droop of extra fabric often found on regular civilian jeans. But the big surprise (no pun intended) is a reinforced fly which according to the company, "enhances your profile." By which, they mean a little padding in the package. File this under the "new" but not necessary "endorsed" category, as false advertising always leads to trouble. But, it's probably better than finding a sock down there.

$79.50 by Calvin Klein


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