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Cooler Khakis

Chinos are a classic staple, but there's nothing worse than a pair of droopy, ill-fitting khakis like your dad wears. Okay, there are many worse things. But it's hard to find the perfect pair that's slim (yet don't pinch around the waist), and comfortable (yet don't end up looking like sweatpants after a few washes). Difficult, yes, but not impossible. Case in point: Rugby's New University pant. They fit like a pair of A.P.C. New Standards—sturdy, trim and slightly tapered at the ankle. Most importantly, they don't suffer from a common problem of affordable chinos: the dreaded baggy ass. And speaking of affordability, a pair only costs about 70 bucks. $69.50 at Rugby

  • British soldiers invented khakis in 1845 when they dyed their white uniforms with mud, coffee, and curry powder to better blend with the Indian landscape.

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