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Normally the middleman is a person you try to avoid, but that's just where Wolf vs. Goat's Mauro Farinelli found inspiration. In men like construction foremen, the type of guy who acts as a liaison between the suits upstairs and the boys on the field.  Of his new Dandy Work Pant—an alternative to your everyday chino—he says, "it's sort of stylish, but still able to get down and dirty." The durable 10 oz. duck canvas was sourced from North Carolina's Cone Denim, and while the hard-wearing pants are a bit stiff at first, they're nowhere near as tough to break in as raw jeans. Shuttle-loomed in California, they're finished with such old school touches as horn buttons (including some for suspenders), a cinch-back and traditional black stitching. Whether you're workin' on the railroad or workin' for the weekend, these will last far longer than the livelong day.

$220, at Farinelli's

  • The "duck" in duck canvas is derived from a Dutch word, doek, which refers to linen canvas.

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