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  • Until 1937, the president was sworn in on March 4th.

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Politically Correct?
Do you think the commercialization of Obama will die down after the inauguration? Don't get me wrong, I'm as happy as the next guy he's in office, but will we be wearing his T-shirts in six months?
- Gio, Washington, DC

Sadly, we're not an oracle, but we know what you mean. Shepard Fairey is sketching for everyone from Saks Fifth Avenue to the Humane Society and people are "rocking Barack" on anything that sits still long enough to be screen-printed. We thought it was pretty audacious when we saw Urban Outfitters hocking "The Audacity of Hope," that is, until we saw the skateboard. It left us wondering if wearing the movement's merchandise after today is a little like wearing a concert tee from last summer. Of course, in a culture that supports the cool a celebrity brings to a clothing line, perhaps sporting the president's face on your back isn't such a bad thing.


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