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The Warrior Sneaker

From the left:
World Tour Tennis, $60
Team Basketball, $60

Available at Warrior Footwear, along with New York's Alife Rivington Club and LA's Union

In the early 1970s, Warrior sneakers were China's hottest selling shoe. Bright and sporty, the simple canvas kicks quickly became a status symbol among the country's youth. But as China's economy opened to the world, European and American sneakers were the shoes to covet. Warriors, which have remained virtually unchanged since their debut, seemed old fashioned, so the shoes eventually found their way to the working class and stodgy old folks. And that's exactly where Bobby Touran noticed them, while interning in Shanghai last fall. After returning to Boston, he decided to introduce Warriors to the world's style set—men and women who'd appreciate the durable, afordable sneakers because they're old school.


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The Expertly Packed Carry-On


What should I pack for my first business trip?

- Matt, OH


With nearly every airline imposing a baggage fee nowadays, if you can get away with flying with just a carry-on, do it.

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