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Dwell's creative director Kyle Blue (far left) and senior editor Aaron Britt (far right) with Michael Armenta and Michael Maher of Taylor Stitch.

Drafting the

Perfect Shirt


The plan, like many a good idea before it, was hatched over beers. Aaron Britt, senior editor of Dwell and Michael Maher of Taylor Stitch were talking about how dapper architects were back in the day. "If you look at guys like Eames and Saarinen, they were always put together and they all loved a good bow tie," says Britt. "Neckties had long been eschewed by architects because they were always leaning over drafting tables—regular ties got in the way." So the two San Francisco-based aesthetes conspired to create a classic shirt as the perfect bow tie base, that would also reflect the mid-century style for which Dwell is known. The shirt's cut from a graphite-colored gingham and comes complete with architectural details (case in point: an off-centered button on the chest pocket makes an impromptu pencil holder). For the ties, they worked with Pierrepont Hicks on a fabric that when rolled out, looks like a blueprint, but when cut up into bow ties simply nods to the influence. The shirts and ties debut this weekend at the Dwell on Design show in Los Angeles, but if you can't make it there, your best bet would be to contact the gents at Taylor Stitch.

Shirt, $140; bow tie, $50 available at Dwell on Design and later at Taylor Stitch.


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