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Enduring Classic

The Shaggy Dog

There are countless Shetland wool sweaters out there. But there is only one Shaggy Dog. And there will only ever be one. The sweater was quickly trademarked by Irving Press, son of the brand's founder—after he came up with the idea to comb the wool of a Shetland sweater. The idea was to make them look and feel lived in. The result was an ultra soft and fluffy sweater that was lightweight, warm and scratch-free. And the fit? That's been perfected too. The body is forgiving enough to wear comfortably over a button down, while the sleeves stop just short enough to flash the appropriate amount of cuff. Back in 1968, a Shaggy Dog would run you about $17.50. These days, the legendary sweater costs $160,  but thankfully you can get it 25% off right now, so act fast.  Think of it as an investment,  because this is one of those pieces that will never go out of style.

$123.75 (on sale),
at J.Press


The range of colors the sweater comes in.


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