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  • Greenfield sews suits for Rag & Bone and Band of Outsiders.

Suits from $876, today at Gilt Man

How'd this happen? Was Mr. Greenfield on some master wish list at Gilt HQ?

He's a legend, plain and simple. He normally only does custom suits under his own name but thankfully, he was very enthusiastic about the idea. The quality and workmanship that goes into each hand-tailored garment is something we knew our members would appreciate and understand.

Tell us a little about the experience ...

It was definitely a collaboration. We worked closely with Mr. Greenfield and his two sons, Jay and Todd, on selecting the fabrics and the overall silhouette of the suits. He's the master and knows his stuff so it was an amazing learning experience for me. The suits are all two-button single-breasted with double vents. It's the heritage of Martin Greenfield, but updated for our guy at a great price.

Did you have to skimp to keep prices down?

No! What's incredible is all the detailing that goes into each garment: they are all hand tailored with full floating canvas construction, horn and pearl buttons, hand-stitched edges, along with interior pockets for pen, passport and cell phone. It's a great investment on a suit that will last decades.


Early this week, Gilt Groupe debuted a new collection from Brooks Brothers. That was good, but this is better. The site partnered with famed New York tailor Martin Greenfeild on a collection of quality, affordable suits and separates with a modern fit and traditional details (going live today at noon ET). We called up Gilt Man's head buyer Christopher Wong for some details.


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