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The Pea Coat Spectrum

No man looks bad in a classic pea coat. Rugged, warm and water-repellent, it's a no brainer this time of year. And while they now come in a range of colors and handsome patterns, the standard navy remains the most popular for this timeless coat. First donned by 18th century sailors in Europe, the hardy wool coats are still standard uniform for a number of navies. Here are four finds, in a range of prices.


Vermont's Barre, $95

Surplus stores always have pea coat deals. This is made in the USA to military spec from 32 oz. reprocessed wool.

Spiewak, $198

Once a supplier to the US Navy, Spiewak & Sons based this design off archival designs and vintage specs.

Schott, $240

With a leaner silhouette than their classic coat, this has a trim fit, slightly longer body and metal buttons.

Ralph Lauren, $425

This ultra soft wool version by Polo has a slightly tailored fit and wide lapels with a detachable collar tab.


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