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The Saddle Shoe Spectrum

The two-tone saddle shoe is a timeless style and while we saw a handful of white options this summer, the suede versions seem ideal for fall. But what separates an $80 pair from one that will set you back $300? Of course, the real difference is how they look and feel on your feet, but here are the attributes of four smart styles.



Full grain leather and suede upper (which you'll find on all four here) with a rounder toe and a padded insole.


Soft heel collar trim and a "Bio Comfort" sock lining that wicks moisture and provides shock absorption.

Cole Haan

Reinforced toe, padded lining and a thin EVA sole that's been laser-cut for traction.

Mark McNairy

Bench made in England with a Good Year Welt on a lightweight rubber sole and a slightly narrow toe.

  • Saddle shoes were first manufactured by Spalding in 1906 as an accessory for tennis and squash.

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