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  • The idea of a credit card was first proposed in 1888 by author Edward Bellamy in his novel "Looking Backward."

Jack Spade,

Makr, $60

Corter, $33

Saddle Back, $29

Hlaska, $95


Battle of the


Bulky wallets are a pain in the ass—literally. There comes a point when you realize that carrying a stuffed 10 card slot wallet is a lot like having a McMansion. When you've got space, you'll find a way to fill it, whether you need it or not. This leads to a pocket stuffed with an obnoxiously large brick which must be removed every time you sit down. That is unless you want back problems like George Costanza or some serious swass. Our solution? The front wallet or card case. With enough space to usually carry a few cards and a little cash, it will force you to carry only what you need and nothing more. A refreshing concept if you ask us. Here are a few favorites.


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The Expertly Packed Carry-On


What should I pack for my first business trip?

- Matt, OH


With nearly every airline imposing a baggage fee nowadays, if you can get away with flying with just a carry-on, do it.

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